Pangea Credits

1) The Pandemic featuring DJ WD4D. Produced by King Khazm (USA).

2) These Days and Times featuring Dumi Right (USA), Outspoken (Zimbabwe) and Syko Tek (South Africa). Produced by S3oulC1ty (USA). Mixed by Mike Moxham.

3) RAPVID featuring Oze (Panama), Ephniko (Colombia) and DJ Gafeto (Costa Rica). Produced by Kid Sanchez (Panama). 

4) Where is the Worl’? featuring Eli Almic. Produced by Lvzy. Recorded by Juan Manuel Cola de Gregorio (Uruguay). 

5) Superpowerz featuring Kane Smego and Jessica Care Moore. Additional vocals by A. Billi Free. Produced by Moppy (USA). Mixed and mastered by Armenhammer (Armenia). 

6) Next Level All Stars featuring A. Billi Free, Def-I, King Khazm, Kane Smego, Dumi Right and D.S.Essense. Produced by King Khazm. Cuts by Ear Dr.Umz (USA). 

7) 2020 featuring Maze022 and Andy Music. Produced by Venki Music. Recorded by Dj Sid (India).

8) Work It Out featuring King Khazm and Abstract Rude. Produced by Jake One. Cuts by Ear Dr.Umz (USA). 

9) Heads Together featuring Orbitron (USA) and Illerstrator (Zimbabwe). Produced and cuts by Ear Dr.Umz (USA). 

10) Virus is the System featuring Vandal (Malaysia), rhymebo0k (Malaysia) and Unknown Mizery (Canada). Produced and cuts by DJ Lethal Skillz (Lebanon). 

11) Alright featuring Afu-Ra and PIO SQUAD (De Puta Madre, Eurodel, Filip Konvalinka). Recorded at Bunkr Studio, Jihlava (Czech Republic). 

12) Survival featuring Sista Hailstorm (USA), Def-I (USA) and Manik 1derful (Canada). Produced and scratches by King Khazm (USA). 

13) The Tool featuring Soall and Daygard (Iran). Produced by Third Eye Bling (USA). 

14) Only When We’re One featuring Emile YX? and X2C. Produced by X2C (South Africa). 

15) A Humanidade Está Sofrer featuring Nilton Pendante. Produced by Nilton Pendante (Brazil). 

16) Next Generation featuring Z.D.C & Astro Brim. Produced by Z.D.C (Australia).

Executive Produced by King Khazm. All songs mixed and mastered by Dume41 (USA) except where noted. Art by Việt Max (Vietnam).

Special thanks to our community partners: 206 Zulu, Fresh Chopped Beats / MADK Productions, Heal the Hood, Hip Hop Consciente, Mighty 4, Next Level USA and Zulu Union.

This project is sponsored in part by the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund for U.S. Alumni, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by Partners of the Americas.

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